Curved glass rooflight - New generation

VELUX curved glass rooflights New Generation
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CFU--, CVU--, ISU 1093

New generation
Curved glass rooflight 

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For roof pitch 0-15°

The new generation VELUX glass rooflight with curved glass is a revolution in window design. The unique curved-shaped glass top allows rainwater to easily drain off the surface - even on 0° roof pitches. The slim frame and invisible sash provide maximum daylight and a beautiful design from inside the home - even with a blind installed.
  • Maximum daylight area
  • State-of-the-art design
  • Clear view and drainage – rain-off CurveTech
  • Excellent energy performance with 2- or 3-layer glazing
  • Excellent sound reduction

Combine this product with

VELUX Anti heat blind for flat glass rooflight

Anti-heat blind

This blind provides light dimming and heat protection so your room temperature stays cool and comfortable.
VELUX electrical vented base

Electrical variant

Consider an electric variant for added ventilation in the room and a better indoor climate.

Product details

The steps below will guide you through your product options.

Step 1 - Top unit

The premium choice for homeowners with a 0°-15° roof pitch. The new generation curved glass top unit combines top technical performance with an updated, slimmer and unique curved design. The curved-shaped glass top drains off rainwater easily even at 0° roof pitch, and the glass-to-edge design gives a clear view to the sky. The outer glass is toughened and weather-resistant for reliable protection against the elements and extra peace of mind.

VELUX top unit

Step 2 - Choose a base unit

Unique window construction with a slim frame and invisible sash for maximum daylight. The white polyurethane offers a maintenance-free surface and the laminated inner glass ensures safety. Available with 2- or 3-layer glazing for excellent energy performance and sound reduction.


Fixed base unit is ideal for bringing in daylight without adding extra ventilation. The base is optimized for discreet placement of blinds, without compromising on daylight and design.

VELUX Curved-glass-rooflight base unit

Electric ventilation

Electric base unit provides fresh air at the touch of a button. It comes with a pre-installed rain sensor and is compatible with VELUX App Control and VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO. The motor is integrated in the frame and the base unit is optimized for a discreet placement of blinds, without compromising on daylight and design.

VELUX Curved-glass-rooflight base unit

Step 3 - Choose installation add-ons if needed

Extension kerb

Use the extension kerb for a higher installation in the roof.
(ZCU 0015)

Frame fixing kit
Frame fixing kit for secure mechanical fixation of the roofing material to the window frame. The frame fixing kit comes in black colour for an aesthetically appealing finish.
(ZZZ 210U)Frame fixing kit


Lining for flat roof for great interior finish. This all-in-one solution includes PVC panels, vapour barrier and facings.
(LSF 2000)

VELUX dome, lining

Step 4 – Complete your curved glass rooflight

VELUX blinds are easily installed with the window both for heat protection and blackout purposes.

Blackout blind

Completely blocks out sunlight or outside light – day or night.
  VELUX Blackout blind

Anti-heat blind

Diffuses the sun’s rays to reduce over-heating.

VELUX Anti-heat blind

Insect screen

Let's enjoy fresh air without any insects.

Insect screen

Step 5 – Consider upgrading your indoor climate. Choose between

VELUX App Control

Control your indoors from anywhere
VELUX App Control gives full control of all VELUX INTEGRA® windows and blinds anytime and anywhere, right from the smartphone or through voice control. Create personal scheduling to suit your daily routine.


Indoor climate control
VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO adds sensor-based automation to the control options for VELUX INTEGRA® windows and blinds. With live tracking of the air quality, humidity and temperature in the home, as well as data from local weather forecasts, it will automatically act to help improve and maintain a healthy indoor climate.

Sizes and prices

Windows are available in the following sizes (W x H)











Example of prices 

You can find the complete price in the brochure.


100x100 120x120
Code Description


Top unit
 ISU  1093 Curved glass top      
Base unit
 CFU 0020Q Fixed base unit 2-layer glazing      
 CFU 0025Q Fixed base unit 2-layer glazing      
 CVU 0220Q

Electric base unit 2-layer glazing

 CVU 0025Q

Electric base unit 3-layer glazing

Installation accessories
 ZCU 0015 Extension kerb 150 mm with flange      
 ZCU 1015 Extension kerb 150 mm without flange      
 LSF 2000 Lining for flat roof window      
 ZZZ 210U Frame fixing fit      
 BBX 0000 Vapour barrier      
Blinds & smart home accessories
 DSU -- Blackout blind solar-powered      
 MSU -- Anti-heat blind solar-powered      
 KIG 300 VELUX App Control      
 KIX 300 EU2 VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO Starter Kit      
All prices are incl. VAT.

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