Discover the new generation of VELUX glass rooflights

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Upgrade to a blue-sky home

Enjoy every lazy morning, home-office workday or late-night kitchen party under a perfect piece of sky. Simply upgrade your home with the new generation of VELUX glass rooflights that combine stunning views with energy-efficient insulation and up to 52% more daylight (daylight area compared to a CFP/CVP 6060)

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"Imagine coming home to a living room that used to be dark. The brightness now is really really nice" Homeowner, Denmark
Discover the new generation of VELUX glass rooflights

Find the perfect solution for your home

From innovative curved and flat glass rooflights to traditional domes, the full range of VELUX flat roof windows offers the perfect solution for any room in every home.

Curved glass rooflight

Top performer with CurveTech

Flat glass rooflight

Daylight, design and aesthetics.

Dome with glazing

Advanced dome solution with glazing


Without glazing. For uninhabited rooms and buildings.
Brighten up any room
Gather inspiration through this gallery for your next project. The new generation of VELUX glass rooflights will brighten up all room types in your home.

"Hey Google, open my windows"

The new VELUX glass rooflights fit seamlessly into your smart home set-up. Simply purchase VELUX App Control alongside your rooflight to control your windows using your smartphone or voice control, or automate your indoor climate completely with VELUX ACTIVE with Netatmo.

Add blinds for ultimate comfort

Customise your rooflights with blinds and accessories to improve your sleep or protect your home from overheating. Add blackout blind or anti-heat blind to keep comfortable in every situation, year-round.

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